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Staples Contract
with Texas

As Lieutenant Governor, I solemnly pledge to work to limit the size and scope of state government, uphold our traditional family values, protect our individual liberties against an intrusive federal government and pass meaningful, conservative policies that renew our commitment to a strong economy and job creation. If voters join me in this contract, I pledge to work tirelessly each day to fulfill my obligations in this agreement.

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6 Point
Immigration Plan

As Commissioner of Agriculture, Staples has challenged the Obama Administration to secure the Texas border from life-threatening dangers, drug dealers and human smugglers crossing Texas soil.

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Proudly Endorsed
"Todd Staples is the top prospect for the Texas Republican Party in 2014. I am confident Todd is the right person to lead Texas as our next Lieutenant Governor. He’s a clutch conservative leader who bats right and who will throw out government intrusion."
Nolan Ryan - Texas Icon and Baseball and Hall of Famer
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"We need a leader like Todd Staples to stand for the Constitutional rights of Texas, and protect the individual rights of Texans."
George Rodriguez - Former President of San Antonio Tea Party
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"There is only one state-wide office holder or candidate who fully understands the issues and has a plan that can solve this huge disaster (of border security)… Todd has been down here to South Texas many, many times and has talked to us and gone all over our farms and ranches to understand the issue first-hand."
Lavoyger Durham - South Texas Property Rights Association Founding Member
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"The Commissioner hasn't just talked about border security; he's actually done something to fix it."
Major General Robert Scales - Former Commandant of the U.S. Army War College
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"Todd’s youth and charisma, combined with his strong record of conservative leadership and results, make him the best candidate to lead our party and our state."
Juandelle Lacy Roberts - Member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women Board of Directors
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"I’m proud to endorse Todd Staples for Lieutenant Governor. While all the candidates are good men, Todd’s record of leadership and delivering conservative results sets him apart. When Todd says he’ll do something, you can take it to the bank. That’s the kind of leader we need. "
Rep. John Raney - Texas House
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"I am proud to endorse Todd Staples for Lieutenant Governor. Todd is a true conservative leader who delivers on job-creating free market principles and traditional family values. His relentless protection of the Texas economy from federal job-killing regulations and defense of home and landowners from the invasion of violent drug cartels is proof that Todd Staples' experience is exactly what Texas needs to guide our state through the challenges we face."
Rep. Jason Isaac - Texas House
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"As the Statewide Grassroots Chair for Ted Cruz during the race for U.S. Senate, I have seen firsthand that Texans are tired of politicians who say one thing and do another,” Goolsby said. “Texas needs strong leaders like Todd Staples and Ted Cruz who will deliver conservative results without compromising their conservative principles. That’s why I am proud to join Todd’s team as his Statewide Get Out The Vote Chair."
Kaye Goolsby -
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"At a time when politicians spread rumor and accusations to cover their own failure to lead with integrity at this crucial time in the history of our state, it is exciting to know there is one Texan who tells it like it is, who has a strategy to resolve key challenges to our state and can keep us focused on the real issues that should occupy our attention. You can count on Todd Staples to be a statesman and to lead effectively and with integrity and conviction as our next Lieutenant Governor."
Jimmy Draper -
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"Todd Staples is a man of integrity. He has experience as Texas Agriculture Commissioner, as a State Legislator, and in county government. Todd Staples has the courage to say "NO!" to the federal government--and mean it. Todd is a patriot and a Texan. He has the guts, the smarts, and the leadership qualities to keep Texas strong and secure. I am proud of his long time support and dedication to the Texas Federation of Republican Women. I am honored to endorse and support Todd Staple's campaign for Lt. Governor."
Lisa Roper -
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"Texas suffers under leaders who either don’t believe or don’t understand that free markets and individual liberty and responsibility are the best policies for prosperity. I believe that Todd Staples believes in these policies, has the courage to push them in office, he trusts the free people of Texas over the political class, and he wants to solve problems rather than just hold the office. "
Jeff Judson -
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Not a King

Texans have a clear choice in this election between a consistent conservative leader in Todd Staples and the incumbent who has repeatedly failed to deliver conservative results for Texas. There is a clear contrast between the candidates: David Dewhurst’s record of more state spending and bigger government versus Todd's record of reduced spending and fighting the Obama EPA.

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Todd Staples Calls On Texans To Stand For Traditional Marriage

March 3, 2014
AUSTIN – Today, Todd Staples, Agriculture Commissioner and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, joined with Republican leaders to ask Texans to remain united and stand for traditional... Read More

What is Dan Patrick Hiding? Voters Want to Know

February 27, 2014
AUSTIN, TX - Today, Todd Staples, Agriculture Commissioner and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, called on Dan Patrick to release his tax returns. At the beginning of... Read More
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Proud to join Montgomery County Aggies at @TAMU #AggieMuster. Softly call the muster, let comrade answer, "Here". #RollCallfortheAbsent
.@Todd_Staples tells supporters that whatever Republican is our next Lt Gov will be stronger in fighting for TX than the Democrats nominee.