Welcome to Team Todd Staples

We’re joining forces to help Todd become the next Lieutenant Governor of Texas, and we’ve recruited supporters from across the state. Team Todd Staples is proud to call its members fathers, mothers, business-owners, gun-owners, veterans, realtors, teachers, farmers, ranchers, Aggies, Longhorns and more – but most of all, we’re proud to call our members Texans. Welcome!

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#TeamStaples supports @Todd_Staples for Lt. Gov. Join us and fight for consistent, conservative leadership in TX! www.toddstaples.com
"Todd Staples is the top prospect for the Texas Republican Party in 2014. I am confident Todd is the right person to lead Texas as our next Lieutenant Governor. He’s a clutch conservative leader who bats right and who will throw out government intrusion."
Nolan Ryan - Texas Icon and Baseball and Hall of Famer
"We need a leader like Todd Staples to stand for the Constitutional rights of Texas, and protect the individual rights of Texans."
George Rodriguez - Former President of San Antonio Tea Party
"There is only one state-wide office holder or candidate who fully understands the issues and has a plan that can solve this huge disaster (of border security)… Todd has been down here to South Texas many, many times and has talked to us and gone all over our farms and ranches to understand the issue first-hand."
Lavoyger Durham - South Texas Property Rights Association Founding Member
"The Commissioner hasn't just talked about border security; he's actually done something to fix it."
Major General Robert Scales - Former Commandant of the U.S. Army War College
"Todd’s youth and charisma, combined with his strong record of conservative leadership and results, make him the best candidate to lead our party and our state."
Juandelle Lacy Roberts - Member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women Board of Directors
"I’m proud to endorse Todd Staples for Lieutenant Governor. While all the candidates are good men, Todd’s record of leadership and delivering conservative results sets him apart. When Todd says he’ll do something, you can take it to the bank. That’s the kind of leader we need. "
Rep. John Raney - Texas House
"I am proud to endorse Todd Staples for Lieutenant Governor. Todd is a true conservative leader who delivers on job-creating free market principles and traditional family values. His relentless protection of the Texas economy from federal job-killing regulations and defense of home and landowners from the invasion of violent drug cartels is proof that Todd Staples' experience is exactly what Texas needs to guide our state through the challenges we face."
Rep. Jason Isaac - Texas House
"As the Statewide Grassroots Chair for Ted Cruz during the race for U.S. Senate, I have seen firsthand that Texans are tired of politicians who say one thing and do another,” Goolsby said. “Texas needs strong leaders like Todd Staples and Ted Cruz who will deliver conservative results without compromising their conservative principles. That’s why I am proud to join Todd’s team as his Statewide Get Out The Vote Chair."
Kaye Goolsby -
"At a time when politicians spread rumor and accusations to cover their own failure to lead with integrity at this crucial time in the history of our state, it is exciting to know there is one Texan who tells it like it is, who has a strategy to resolve key challenges to our state and can keep us focused on the real issues that should occupy our attention. You can count on Todd Staples to be a statesman and to lead effectively and with integrity and conviction as our next Lieutenant Governor."
Jimmy Draper -
"Todd Staples is a man of integrity. He has experience as Texas Agriculture Commissioner, as a State Legislator, and in county government. Todd Staples has the courage to say "NO!" to the federal government--and mean it. Todd is a patriot and a Texan. He has the guts, the smarts, and the leadership qualities to keep Texas strong and secure. I am proud of his long time support and dedication to the Texas Federation of Republican Women. I am honored to endorse and support Todd Staple's campaign for Lt. Governor."
Lisa Roper -
"Texas suffers under leaders who either don’t believe or don’t understand that free markets and individual liberty and responsibility are the best policies for prosperity. I believe that Todd Staples believes in these policies, has the courage to push them in office, he trusts the free people of Texas over the political class, and he wants to solve problems rather than just hold the office. "
Jeff Judson -
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The Team Todd Staples Roster

Announcing our 2014 campaign season roster! See who’s signed on to join Team Todd Staples, and then add yourself as a walk-on.

The following are personal endorsements from Team Todd Staples members:

Pastors Council for Staples

Dr. Jimmy Draper, Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, former President and C.E.O. of LifeWay Christian Resources and longtime pastor of First Baptist Church of Euless (Chair)

Rev. Jay Abernathy, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Palestine

Rev. David Butler, Pastor of the Peoples Church in Jacksonville

Rev. Matthew Timmons, Pastor of Norwood Heights Baptist Church

Dr. Richard Waters, Former Pastor of First Baptist Church of Palestine

Rev. Lee Welch, Executive Director, Dogwood Trails Baptist Association

Rev. Roy Duncan, Pastor of Antioch Church in Palestine

Central Texas

Ronald Agnew

David Baltensperger

Jodi Batten

Kyndel Bennett

Lindsey Bentley

Bradley Bernero

Becky Jo Bonham

Jeffery Brooks

John Bryan

Charles Butts

Michael Cotten

Drew DeBerry

Joe Don Dockery

Hal Dumas

David Edwards

Bryan Farney

Kathy Goff

Parker Gordon

Kevin Hickson

Jett Johnson

Tommy Kezar

Eugene Kinney

Stephanie Kurpiewski

Charles Laird

Colleen Lowry

Pamela Manly

Gerald E. McDonald

Benny McMahan

Don Meador

Donna Mick

John Miller

Billy Mills

Jason Modglin

Dean Nelson

Garrett Nerren

Keats Norfleet

Tillie Opope

Josh Orellana

Jerry Parker

Deborah Penn

Wayne Pierce

James Robinson

Tyler Rosser

Richard Rusing

Morgan Sanders

Richard Smith

Javier Sosa

Joe Sullivan

Jennifer Teeter

Shane Teeter

Parviz Vessali

Zenia Warren

Bill Watts

Suzy Weems

Connie Whisenant

Hunter Williams

David Williams

Larry Williford

Patricia Pinky Wilson

William Woody

Dallas-Ft Worth

Scott Born

Davey Bowman

Timothy Brumit

Bill Byers

Sandra Cook

Chris Davis

Jenny Davis

Michael Denson

Gloriana Eubank

James Henry

Marcus Hill

Ann Houston

Jayne Howell

Tony Kukreti

Roger Langenheim

Bart Lawrence

Suzanne Leach

Jeff Lindigrin

Pam Little

Eugene Lund

Marilyn Mailloux

Brian Marks

Evon Markum

Lisa Martin

Peg McBrayer

Andy McCuistion

Diaz Murray

Debbie Muzyka

Thomas Neale

Sharie Nelson

Nick Nicholas

Mike Nichols

Myra Oliver

Bob Pace

Mark Palmer

John Parker

William Phillips

Julieann Pickering

Susan Plonka

Robert Rachuig

Gretchen Ramsey

Brenda Rowe

Mary Russell

Sarah Russell

Robert Sanford

George Shafer

Randy Skinner

Shirley Spellerberg

Jim Stewart

Rebecca Thompson

Janie Vega

Karen Walls

Randy Watson

Herb Williams

Jerry Wislon

East Texas

Representative Trent Ashby

Representative Travis Clardy

David Alders

Lucretia Andrews

Bob Arndt

James Beene

N. Bell

Tommy Bland

Cliff Bomer

Joe Burress

Jennifer Calhoon

Maxey Cerliano

Ty Cobble

Sandra Coleman

Ron Collins

Gary Connor

Ted Conover

C. Dan Davis

Grant Davis

Tommy Dean

Travis Deen

John deNoyelles

Walter Diggles

Joe Durant

Benny Fogleman

Thomas Fordyce

Roger Gay

Pauline Graham

Pattye Greer

James Gregory

Roman Griffin

Irene Haggard

Paul Hale

Charles Hassell

Bob Henderson

Keith Honey

Ron Hufford

Sam Hurley

Johnathan Ingram

Noah Jackson

Michael Jenkins

Linda Jordens Galayda

Stewart Kenderdine

Denny Kennedy

Chandler Klotz

Linda Klotz

Erick & Brenda Lenert

Angela Lightfoot

Lester Lucy

David Lutmer

Carolyn Mathews

Jack Mathews

Kevin Maxwell

Harvey McClendon

Isabel Mcguffin

Richard McLeon

Bruce Mehlenbacher

Ray Meleton

James Mize

Bill Mizell

Paula Moore

Galen Morrison

John Moss

Ben Ogletree

Gabe Parker

Florence Patton

Glenn Phillips

Olen Phillips

Steve Presley

James Ragsdale

Paul Reed

Hubert Reynolds

David Richie

William Rogers

Michael Russell

Rose Russell

Bobby Shaw

Melynda Shaw

Alan Shumate

Stephen Slator

Mickey Smith

Denny Smith

Donald Mack Smith

Kenneth Smith

Forrest Stanaland

Jerry Starkey

David Stein

Ann Stilwell Paine

Tony Story

Kerry & Martha Stowe

Adam Taylor

Richard Terry

Marvin Thompson

Cliff Todd

Jeanie Turk

William Turner

George Wacha

Chastity Wages

George Wages

Jim Wallace

Verna Walling

Rodney Watkins

George Weick

Albert Wells

Jimmie Williams

Patrick Willis

Jason Wright

Wilbur Yates


Ray Aguilar

Jean Baker

May Baker

Greg Baker

Jean Baradar

Cindy Bennett Smith

Pam Benson

Wesley Bloomfield

Lori Broughton

Douglas Burson

Henry Burton

Sylvia Campbell

Nancy Chamberlain

Charles Childs

Barbara Chumley

Patrick Clynes

Megan Conner

C.S. Cornell

Patrick Courtney

Carmen Cuneo

Brian Dawson

Kenneth Depew

Andy Dill

Cynthia Dixon

Billie Dixon

Sandy Docherty

Dan Dominey

Janice Dupuy-Green

John Eckstrum

Sharon Eddings

Eileen Edwards

John English

Sidney English

Rusty Fincher

Mary Fisher

Josh Flynn

Alyssa Foley

Johnny Fontaine

Leona Frank

Holloway Frost

Benjamin Glass

Jeff Glass

Richard Goody

Jean Halligan

Steven Harker

Cole Harrison

Lyn Hawthorne-Howard

Sharon Hemphill

Marietta Hetmaniak

John Hobson

Karen Hobson

Tracy Hobson

Bessie Hodek

Dana Hodges

Phyllis Hoffpauir

Kameron Hutchins

Penny Ignazio

John Isbell

Christina Johnson

Kurt Jones

Marilyn Kasmiersky

Jo Konen

Shanta Kuhl

Martha Laird

Diana LeBlanc

Tom Ledkins


Josh Lockhart

Mario Londono

Karen Lonon

Nancy Lucke

Kathy Lynch

Sylvia Manley

Joanie Markowitz

Guy Martin

Wayne Massey

Mike Meador

Patricia Michel

Brad Moon

Bill Murray

Lori Newfield Miller

Bette Osborn

Jan Ott

Will Outlaw

Elizabeth Perez

Amy Rannals

Teresa Reading

Sunita Reddy

Kathy Rembert

Claudia Riedlinger

Harry Romans

Jessie Rosier

Gerald Roznovsky

Jim Russ

Chelsie Sanders

Dave Scott

Steve Scott

Matthew Seliger

Brent Sherrod

Dayna Simmons

Cheryl Simonton

Scott Smith

Deborah Stewart

Ray Stoesser

Luke Stuckey

Andrea Sunseri

Rhonda Tate

Ronald Taylor

John Vacek

Jonathan Wall

David Warren

Shelly Weisinger

Milton West

Jane Whittaker

Bobby Wilkinson

Calvin Williams

Joy Wootton

South Texas

Scott Adams

Velma Arellano

Susie Barrett

G. Henry Benning

Bruce Bond Jr.

Rebecca Bouwsma

Jane Brownlow

W.R. Brunet

Linda Bulger

Helen Bundschu

Marilyn Burrow

Joe Caddell

Sharon Carlson

Connie Cashen

Megan Clay

Scott Crawford

Nancy Deckard

Lori Donnell

Ronnie Eckel

Gerald Farrell

Chester Fulp

Mickey Furcron

James Furgerson

Pablo Garcia

Jose Garcia

Norman Garza

Mary Ann Gerhardt

Andrea Gilbert

June Gildersleeve

Sheri Glenn Stout

Christine Gonzalez

Robert Green

Jamie Guthrie

Barbara Hall

Holly Hill

Joseph Keese

Hazel Knipp

J.D. Kvapil

Christy Lacy

Craig Lightcap

Ruby Mahen

James McAdams

Raymond Meyer

A. Milcer

A.L. Miller

Elizabeth Murray-Kolb

Tom Partlow

Brenda Pena

Christina Pena

Margery Peterson

Ellen Pfeiffer

Sue Piner

Jack Pryor

Betty Puckett

Steven Rodgers

Nita Ryder

Peggy Schulze Van Cleve

John Seidel

Ann Smith

Cynthia Smith

Bobby Sparks

Barbara Stephens

James Tracy

J. Trammell

Amy Trevino

Chad Upham

James Vine

Barbara Vollmer

Mike Warshak

Sara White

Suzanne Zamora

West Texas

Paul Bierschwale

Randy Brooks

Alisha Caffrey

Charley Christensen

Robert Crews

Alan Curry

Dale DeBerry

Patti Defrance

Linda Dierschke

Norman Dierschke

Perry Dixon

A Dolle

Alphonse Dotson

Russ Duerstine

Carolyn Edmison

Joy Ellinger

Beverly Ferguson

Brent Graves

Robert Harle

Brad Heffington

Sharon Humphreys

Ken Jones

Kelly Kettner

J. Ross Lacy

Lance Lacy

Betty Lacy

Judy Lange

Steven Locke

Stan McClendon

Tyler Mccoy

Pierce Miller

David Moore

Teri Pearce

Helen Piehl

Kandi Pool

Kristen D'Nae Powe

Jim Rector

Jerry Richardson

Juandelle Lacy Roberts

Mike Running

Danny Russell

Jonathan Silva

Ted Smith

Steve Stephens

Danny Stewart

Mark Thieman

Johnny Trotter

Virgil Trower

Gary Walker

Shirley West

Richard Winters

Martha Worley

Amanda Young

Kathy Young

Texas Conservative Activists

Letty Albright

Joanna Aldeo

John Assunto

Joseph Barbour

Bob & Barbara Benefield

Tami Blaschke

Tim Bryan

Sheran Casey

Jeff Craig

Vladimir Davidiuk

Wayne Drake

Donna Gaynes

Jason Grabinger

Kelon Hall

Lynn Harley

Pam Harris

Jerry Hill

Gayle Hirsch

Pat Hoffpauir

Tahi Johnson

M. Scott Layh

John & Carla Locke

Delia Mata

Dennis Mcbroom

Daniel McDonald

Meredith Merritt

Chance Oliver

Rob Rayner

Debra Reed

Barbara Russell

Annette Sandoval

Arwy Sherrell

Mickey Smith

Josh Smith

Bucky Smith

Todd Stansberry

Kay Teegarden

Michael Tull

Brenda Tullos

Kevin Walker

Ryan Walsh

Brandy Webb

Kay Whitefield

Clyde Willoughby

Sheriffs for Staples

Sheriff Greg Taylor, Anderson County

Sheriff James Campbell, Cherokee County

Sheriff Terry Box, Collin County

Sheriff Thomas Don Anderson, Freestone County

Sheriff Maxey Cerliano, Gregg County

Sheriff Ray Nutt, Henderson County

Sheriff Darryl Bobbitt, Houston County

Sheriff AJ Andy Louderback, Jackson County

Sheriff Micah Harmon, Lavaca County

Sheriff Kevin Ellis, Leon County

Sheriff Dennis Wilson, Limestone County

Sheriff Kelly Rowe, Lubbock County

Former Sheriff JB Smith, Smith County

Sheriff Clint McRae, Walker County

Sheriff Otto Hanak, Washington County

No better way to start the day than attending the Greater Houston Prayer Breakfast. #Easter http://t.co/2Io8QRZhOs
.@Todd_Staples tells supporters that whatever Republican is our next Lt Gov will be stronger in fighting for TX than the Democrats nominee.